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At Genson Group we work with permanent staff and seasonal workers from Poland and various other countries. Our people are an important link in our organisation. They ensure that we can fulfil our promises and deliver our products in accordance with the wishes of our customers. In all weathers and before dawn, they take care of the growth of our plants and the harvest of the fruit and vegetables. A good working atmosphere and a safe workplace are very important to us, and there is respect for every employee. Our people are given plenty of opportunity to grow in our organisation, which is how we keep our employees motivated.


At Genson we get the best out of ourselves and work together for the success of our organization. Do you, like us, have a passion for (greenhouse) horticulture and are you ambitious? Take a look at our vacancies or send your open application to

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Financial administration assistant/star

In the position of financial administrative assistant/star, you will be responsible for the financial administration of the bv's within Genson Group. This includes sales and purchase invoicing, bank books, fixed assets, preparing payments and debtor and creditor management. Together with your colleagues, you are responsible for all financial activities within the department, and this is where you get your job satisfaction every day. These activities are very diverse, from the processing and administration of orders and financial documents to the preparation of financial entries within established working agreements and regulations. Your weekly duties will also include maintaining and updating files and automated systems.

So are you looking for a challenging new job within a dynamic organization? Do you have affinity with the agricultural sector and would you like to join our Finance & Control team? Then click here for the full vacancy. We look forward to hearing from you!

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HR Field Expert

In the HR Field Expert position, you are the point of contact on behalf of the HR department at the Genson locations. As point of contact, managers, team leaders and employees can come to you with their questions, comments and/or problems in the field of inflow, throughput and outflow. You will also give solicited and unsolicited advice to your stakeholders at the locations, and you will record matters that you have picked up or observed. Finally, many developments in the field of HR will take place in the coming years, so you will also be jointly responsible for setting up and rolling out these changes.

Are you looking for a cool new job, in a dynamic organization? Do you (happen to) have experience within the agricultural sector and would you like to work with the HR team to take Genson to the next level? Then click here for the full vacancy. We look forward to hearing from you!

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As business manager, you are responsible for everything that happens at your location. You manage your employees and have team leader(s) in your team who support you. The crop specialist also advises you regarding the crops and operations that need to be carried out. Besides long-term planning of the work and daily management, you monitor the work processes and quality of the final product that goes to the customer. You come up with proposals for improvement and also implement the approved plans. Of course, as a company manager you will also do some administration and prepare reports for the management. Safety on the work floor is very important to us and is one of your responsibilities as a manager.

Many international employees work at Genson . Your team will therefore consist of employees with diverse (cultural) backgrounds and they speak different languages. In order to work well together, we find it important that you, as a manager, speak at least Dutch and English. Furthermore, we are always open to good ideas and encourage you as a manager to come up with new innovative ideas to make the work better and easier for you and your employees.

Do you have extensive experience in a management position within the horticultural sector and and does the above text appeal to you? Then click here for the full vacancy. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Logistics employee

As a logistician you are responsible for loading and unloading trucks. You are therefore daily busy with a fork-lift truck to get all the goods to the right place. You check the products for quality and quantity. You will report deviations immediately. In addition, you will collect orders and prepare them for shipment. You check bills of lading and scan the goods with a hand scanner. Safety comes first, so you keep your own work environment neat and tidy (for example the warehouse, the warehouses and parking lots around it). You do all this in a nice team and possibly also at different locations of Genson.

Do you have experience in logistics and does the above text appeal to you? Then click here for the full job description. We would like to hear from you!

Cooperating foremen m/f

As an assistant foreman, you have integrity and objectivity and must be able to stand firm at times. You are supported in your work by the (assistant) manager or production manager who is ultimately responsible for the location. Together with fellow foremen you are the one who is in daily contact with the production staff in the greenhouse and at our outdoor locations. You are therefore an important link for us between our employees and the company managers.

Your day starts with the necessary preparations and clocking in of the employees. These employees are mostly from Eastern Europe. You divide the work with your team. You also actively work with them yourself and make sure that everything runs smoothly. Of course this includes giving good guidance and instructions and making sure that work is done safely. We also find it important that you think along with the company. We are practical-minded and always open to good ideas to make the work better and easier. Genson is a growing and dynamic company, so no two days are the same.

Do you have experience in (greenhouse) horticulture as a working foreman and does the above text appeal to you? Then click here for the full vacancy. We would like to hear from you!

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Team leader(s) production m/f

As production team leader, you are the support and back-up of the business manager. You are the one who translates the long-term planning to day-to-day level. You also prepare the work for the activities that will take place at your location. You make sure that the foremen and employees know what needs to be done. In addition, you work together with the cultivation specialist to assess and guarantee the quality of the cultivation.

Many international employees work at Genson . Your team will therefore consist of employees with diverse (cultural) backgrounds and they speak different languages. In order to work well together, we think it is important that you speak at least Dutch and English. Are you good at planning and organizing? Do you enjoy leading and making sure everything runs smoothly? Then this position might be for you! Click here for the full vacancy. We look forward to hearing from you!


Genson Group works with seasonal workers from various countries but especially from Poland. In addition to excellent working conditions, we also offer living arrangements. Read below all about working and living at Genson! Interested? Send an e-mail to or click here for information for foreign seasonal workers. You can also contact Aga Spiczak at +31(0)6 33987600.

Activities and working hours

Genson offers a variety of jobs for seasonal employees. We have work at various locations throughout the year. We work both outdoors and in greenhouses, tunnels and sheds. Some examples of activities are cutting cuttings, planting plants, crop care, harvesting and packing strawberries and raspberries and sorting and packing various types of plants.

We work from Monday to Saturday and sometimes also on Sundays at peak times. Activities and working hours depend on the season.

Skills and supplies

We at Genson work as a team. Each team has its own foreman. They will teach you and tell you what is expected of you. You do not need experience. However, quality and speed are expected of you. Part of the work is of a physical nature, for example, you have to bend down and lift regularly. Therefore, good physical health is important. If you have experience in horticulture or have specific skills we ask you to indicate this in your application. Below is a list of what you need to come and work with us:

  • Valid proof of identity or passport
  • Possible driving licence
  • Workwear
  • Rainwear
  • Boots and/or work shoes
  • Bed linen (pillow and sleeping bag)
  • Kitchen utensils

Housing and living

We find it very important that our employees have a good housing facility. We have our own residential complexes at several locations. In these residential complexes there are 2, 4 and 6 person rooms. The bedrooms are equipped with furniture including a bed with mattress, a closet and a table with chairs. In addition, there are excellent sanitary facilities including changing rooms, toilets and showers. Your laundry is being washed for you in the laundry room. There is a central kitchen where you and a few co-inhabitants have access to a cooking unit and refrigerator.

There are various leisure facilities including a TV room with table football and ping pong table. Our Sint-Oedenrode location is also provided with a gym. Once a week there is a van available to drive to do your shopping in the nearby village. To make your stay as pleasant and safe as possible, we have house rules that everyone must abide by. In addition, the complex is secured by an external security agency. Our human resources staff will accompany you on your arrival at our company. They are also ready to answer any questions you may have about the daily routine, such as visits to the dentist or general practitioner.

Salary and health insurance

We offer seasonal contracts. The salary is in accordance with the statutory Dutch standard. We have good primary and secondary conditions of employment. During the term of your contract at Genson, we will take out health insurance for you with Hollandzorg. The costs for this will be deducted from your salary. The insurance is compulsory for every employee.

Training possibilities

Employees with above-average performance are Genson given the opportunity to grow into a foreworker. They can follow courses including the Dutch language, company assistance and coaching. If it is important for the work, we also offer to obtain a forklift driving licence and a spraying licence.


You must be in possession of the so-called BSN number. Our human resources representative can help you with this.

You must be in possession of a bank account in your own name. This does not have to be a Dutch bank account.

That's certainly possible. You can indicate this in the comments on the registration form. We will put you together if possible.

You do not need to be able to speak or understand Dutch. We have preliminary workers with mainly Polish nationalities. They speak several languages and communicate with you in Polish, English or German. In addition, our human resources department also employs staff with Polish nationality.

You can come and work with us from the age of 18. Young people aged 16 or 17 can also work with us under the supervision of their families.

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