Irresistibly delicious!

Strawberries are loved by young and old. They are sweet and juicy and have a delicious aroma. Strawberries are full of fibre, vitamins and minerals; nutrients for good health. Moreover, they are low in calories, a healthy snack! We grow strawberries all year round. From May to October in outdoor cultivation and in the other months in the greenhouse. Enjoy this beautiful red fruit whenever you want!

The best care for tasty and healthy fruit

We harvest our strawberries when they are beautifully red and ripe. Only the best quality is selected. After harvesting, the strawberries are immediately packed and chilled. Our companies meet the strictest standards and are certified Global Gap and FSSC. We grow various varieties of strawberries such as the Magnum, Sonata and Murano. In our experimental garden we are always looking for new varieties with the ultimate taste to provide you with the tastiest fruit.

Our growers

We grow our strawberries at several locations in Brabant. For an overview of our fields and greenhouses visit our contact page. All strawberries are packed and chilled at our own locations until they are transported to Albert Heijn. This is how we monitor the quality!

Where can you buy our strawberries?

Our strawberries have been sold on the shelves of the Albert Heijn supermarket for more than 30 years. And we are proud of that! You can find our strawberries at supermarkets all over the Netherlands. You can read where your strawberries come from on the packaging . Via the code on the packaging, we can trace the strawberries back to the parcel on which they were harvested! Would you like to know more about your fruit? We are happy to answer your question!

From plant to strawberry

We at Genson have the entire process from plant propagation to the delivery of a box of strawberries ready for the shelf in our own hands. With passion, craftsmanship and innovation, our people grow the most tasty strawberries. We do this in a sustainable way with care and attention for our natural environment.


Cultivation starts with healthy plants which we propagate in our aphid-free greenhouses. We grow various varieties and types of plants. In outdoor cultivation, the plants are planted from early spring on coconut substrate on racks. In the greenhouse we plant the first plants in the summer, also on coconut substrate. The plants are automatically supplied with water and fertilizer by means of drip hoses.

Read more about our plants here.

Crop protection

Our plants grow protected in tunnels, under rain caps or in greenhouses. As a result, the weather has less influence on the crop and we can use biological agents to repel harmful insects. In addition, non-organic crop protection agents are used to control other diseases. The MRL (maximum residue limit) is the legally permitted maximum residue of a substance in or on food. Our standards are at least 50% below this legal standard. That's really carefree enjoyment of our strawberries!

Bees and bumblebees

Before strawberries grow on the plant we need the help of the bee or bumblebee. As soon as the plant is in bloom the bees and bumblebees start working. Flower by flower is pollinated so fertilization takes place. As soon as a flower is well pollinated, the white petals fall off and the fruit starts to grow. First the strawberry is green, then white and finally the strawberry gets its beautiful red color.


In outdoor cultivation, the first strawberries are harvested around mid-May. Depending on the weather, we will pick the strawberries here until the beginning of October. The production in the greenhouse is then in full swing so that we can also deliver strawberries in the other months. Because we grow on racks, our employees can pick the fruit standing up. Only the best quality, beautiful red and ripe fruit is selected. The 2nd class fruit finds its way into juice, jam and other products.


Our new packaging hall meets all hygiene requirements. The strawberries are weighed and checked here. Subsequently, the tray is provided with a foil with an imprint on it on which the origin and the best-before date can be read. In addition, a code is printed so that the strawberries can be traced. After packaging, the strawberries are immediately placed in the refrigerator after which they are picked up from our premises within 1 day for delivery at Albert Heijn.


The strawberries are picked up the same day or the next day by Bakker Barendrecht and delivered to Albert Heijn. Bakker Barendrecht is the buyer of fruit and vegetables for Albert Heijn. Close consultation with Bakker ensures that supply and demand are matched as much as possible. So you are assured of the freshest fruit.