Your future is in our plants

Genson Quality Plants is an international top supplier of strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and gooseberry plants for the professional growth. From propagation to cultivation and from packing to cooling and delivery; we ensure quality by keeping the whole process in our own hands. We are specialists when it comes to customising and we can supply large volumes with a consistent quality. And that is what makes us so special. Our plants form the basis of succesful cultivation. It all starts here. With our plants, the foundations are laid for successful cultivation. Genson Quality Plants produces high-quality plants using modern, innovative and sustainable cultivation methods. It goes without saying that we have intensive contact with our customers. They make their wishes known to us so that we can anticipate them. Our plants find their way all over Europe and beyond. Important markets are the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, France, Poland and the Scandinavian countries. We proudly present our varieties to you.


Dutch Prebasic Material

Our experienced cultivation specialists are committed to supplying the most healthy and vital plants for a fertile crop. We grow high quality starting material which is awarded the 'VIP' label, or Very Important Plants. In our hyper hygienic greenhouse in Helmond, researchers and cultivation specialists work together to maintain and propagate various varieties of soft fruit plants for professional cultivation. They adhere to very strict protocols and hygiene measures in order to guarantee the quality and health of the starting material.

A sophisticated fertilization schedule, flower research and a good registration of growth parameters ensure plants with a sophisticated production potential. We keep a close eye on the entire cultivation process. We also use the knowledge of external advisors and our plants are checked by Naktuinbouw. With the plants of Genson you lay the foundation for successful cultivation.

Dutch Organic Plants

At our location in Westerbeek we started growing organic raspberry plants in 2020. We do this on a plot which is separated from our usual fields by 2 canals and a road. Also the fertilizer unit for the organic plants is running completely separated from the usual part. Our organic cultivation is SKAL certified. This new branch within the Genson Group complements our activities well.

In the market, the demand for organic plants is increasing, but this also increases our knowledge of organic cultivation. Step by step we want to apply this knowledge to our current products. For more information, please contact the sales department of Genson Quality Plants via


Top equipment under our own management
Certified plant material
Aphid-free greenhouses
Logistical service
Close cooperation with various breeding programmes
Growing of license types

Propagation & cultivation

Genson Quality Plants has been involved in the propagation and cultivation of plants for many years. We work with different breeding programs and grow license types. Propagation takes place in aphid-free greenhouses and tunnels and the cultivation of top material is done by us. This gives us better control and allows us to grow according to our own insight and experience. So you can rely on the best quality plants with strong growth potential.

Harvesting & packaging

Our skilled employees take care of the harvesting, careful sorting and packaging of our plants. From mid-October, we will start harvesting in the field and until March the plants will come out of our heated greenhouses. Genson Quality Plants has its own modern machinery, from tractors to packing machines. This makes us flexible and allows us to deliver quickly.

Storage & transport

Genson Quality Plants cools all the plants in its own freezing rooms and thus monitors the quality of the plants continuously. A constant temperature in the freezing rooms is very important. We can take care of the entire logistics process for you. This ensures that the plants are always delivered on time and in the right place. In addition, as a customer, you have the option of calling up your order at any time. We work with regular transport companies that can deliver all over the world. The plants are transported conditioned, so that we can guarantee their quality on delivery at all times.


In our 'BerryNova' trial site we test and develop new varieties in cooperation with breeders. We are looking for varieties with the best taste and shelf life. In addition, it is of course also very important that the plant is insensitive to diseases, pests and fungi. We test this extensively in our test tunnels. We are happy to advise you on which new varieties you can distinguish yourself with at your customer!